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Xyron is among one of the few players of the world to develop its own proprietary technology for Megawatt Series Wind Turbines. Xyron is fast emerging as a significant players in the wind energy industry. We are an integrated Company with in-house Design capabilities, Production, Wind farms and Wind Energy Services. The strength of proprietary technology enables us to design as per local conditions and incorporate necessary corrections and innovations with experience.

Xyron has tied up with the world leader in wind technology certifications, M/s Germanaichher Lloyds of Hamburg, Germany for the certification of its Wind Energy Converter Systems and has association with world class companies in the field that ensures very high standards of quality. Our technologically advanced, new generation variable speed Gearless Turbines with permanent rare earth magnets are a leap forward over Geared Turbines. Xyron Turbines have minimum number of wearing parts, compact design that serves the twin purpose of keeping the down time & maintenance period to a minimum and minimizing energy losses. Our turbines save energy that is usually wasted as heat & frictional losses, in coolant circulation, generator excitation and other transmissions like gear box. This energy comes as an additional return on investments.

"The nation that leads in the creation of a clean energy economy will be the nation that leads the 21st-century global economy"

- President Barack Obama
to the US Senate

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"Thank you for visiting us in WindPower2010, Dallas, USA"
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Press Release March 2011:
Xyron Technologies and TUV Nord sign agreement.
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Press Release June 2011
Xyron and Free Breeze sign agreement for North American market.
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